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Port Authority: Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation.

 Port Details:

Saleef port is situated at Latitude 15˚ 18 North and Longitude 42˚ 41 East.

The port of Saleef is situated within Kamaran Bay 50 kms north of Hodeidah towards the Saudi Arabian border. This port is well protected by Kamaran Island providing safe anchorage of 30 meters depth. This port is a natural deep-water port accepting vessels up to 13 meters draft. The port has a single general cargo berth of 400 meters. However has no facilities for the handling of cargo since it’s primary aim is for the reception of bulk grain vessel discharging into silos at this port. Hence all vessels must be self sustaining.

This is also a salt berth which consists of a dolphin berth arrangement with an alongside draft of 13 meters. This berth is designed only for the loading of rock salt in bulk which is quarried near by. Currently there are very limited facilities at this port. There are no alongside bunker or fresh water facilities at this port. However can supply fresh water and diesel oil by road tanker.

Pilotage and tugs are compulsory for berthing/sailing of vessels. Night time berthing is also permitted.

This nearest town / city is Hodeidah which is 50 kms distant.

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